Minister Environment

  • The territory of AJK is very fragile and peculiar in nature due to mountainous terrain, dense population, and is highly vulnerable to impacts of environmental degradation and climate change. Its watersheds are the lifeline of Pakistan’s economy as regulator of stained water yield downstream throughout the year for agriculture and energy production, besides serving as the repository of natural resources. Environmental degradation in Azad Jammu & Kashmir is a major cause of concern, jeopardizing the efforts for sustainable development. The Climate Change has become an inescapable reality for the World and Pakistan.In particular, as a result of cascading of hydropower projects and enhanced multi-sectoral development portfolios, environment has become a matter of serious concern for AJK.  It is beginning to manifest itself through increasing intensity and ferocity of events challenging food, energy and water securities. The fragility of the territory thus warrants a carefully carved developmental path that ensures social, environmental and economic development in a sustained manner. 

    2. Therefore, the drive for socio-economic development cannot afford environmental neglect and the impacts of climate change on the economy, and thus there is dire need to address environmental challengeson high priority.  The regulatory role and effectiveness of Environmental Protection Agency and Environmental Governance have to be continuously improved. The Government of AJ&K is serious to address the issues and challenges related to environmental degradation, climate change impacts and tangibly contributing for sustainable development in the region in the broader national interest. I look forward that present environmental hierarchy will visibly contribute to secure the pristine environment of Azad Jammu & Kashmir through proper environmental governance mechanism.