Director General Environment

  • The AJK is blessed with tremendous natural resources and beauty. But due to increasing population, fast deforestation, growing urbanization trend, unsustainable consumption pattern, large-scale infrastructure development, over exploitation of rivers & stream for power generation etc. the environmental profile of the State is under severe stress. The present trend of environmental degradation and forthcoming climate change adverse impacts prelude a dreadful scenario for this region and demands a proficient environmental stewardship from us.  The EPA is cognizant of its role & responsibilities and geared up to protect the pristine environment and environmental based resources of AJK, but, to do all this in an effective and result oriented manner, collaborative and joint sincere efforts of all of us are inevitable.

    2.         The existing strength of EPA is quite disproportionate with the mandate it carries, nonetheless, the law enforcement activities across AJK are on fast swing. A long-awaited dream to make the Environmental Tribunal of AJK functional has also come true that has given unparalleled boost to the enforcement activities of the Agency.

    3.         Launching Website is another landmark stride of EPA towards ensuring better environmental governance in AJK through sharing quality information, raising awareness, enhancing understanding of the issues and identifying common grounds for the collaborative efforts. The Environment is a crosscutting sector and given to the prevailing situation, this is beyond the capacity of EPA to ensure protection of environment efficiently, conservation of environment based resources and control of pollution in its all forms unless we join hands and share efforts for the wellbeing & survival of present as well as future generations of this regions. Despite certain constraints, the initiative of EPA to launch website is another landmark achievement. Though to maintain its usefulness for all would be a challenge, but I am much confident that a small dedicated team of EPA will make this possible too.

    4.         Thank you very much for visiting EPA-AJK Webpage. Your valuable feedback and suggestions will help us in improving the quality of this publication to bring it consistent with your expectations and modern requirements.