Environmental Protection Council (ECP)

  • 3. Establishment of the Azad Jammu & Kashmir Environmental

    Protection Council:   

    1. The Government shall, by notification in the Official Gazette, establish an Environmental Protection Council consisting of;


    Prime Minister



    Minister Incharge of the Ministry dealing with the subject of environment.



    Additional chief Secretary  (Development) and Secretaries to the government dealing with the subjects of Works, Local Government, Agriculture, Forest, Health, Industry and Finance.



    Such other persons not exceeding fifteen as the Government may appoint of which at least ten shall be non-official       including two representative of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and industrial associations and one or more representatives of the Chambers of Agriculture, the medical and legal professions, trade unions, and nongovernmental organizations concerned with   the environment and development, scientists, technical experts and educationists.



    Secretary to the Government dealing with the subject of environment.

    Member/ Secretary

    1. The members of the Council, other than ex-officio members, shall be appointed in accordance with the prescribed procedure and shall hold office for term of three years. 
    2. The Council shall frame its own rules of procedure. 
    3. The Council shall hold meetings as an when necessary, but not less than two meetings shall be held in a year. 
    4. The Council may constitute committees of its members and entrust them with such functions as it may deem fit, and the recommendations of the committees shall be submitted to the Council for approval. 
    5. The Council or any of its committees may invite any technical expert or representative of any Government Agency or non-governmental organization or other person possessing specialized knowledge of any subject for assistance in performance of its functions. 


    4.        Functions and Powers of the Council:   

    1. The Council shall;
      1. Coordinate and supervise enforcement of the provisions of this Act; 
      1. Approve comprehensive national environmental policies and ensure their implementation within the framework of a national conservation strategy as may be approved by the Government from time to time; 
      2. Approve the Environmental Quality Standards; 
      3. Provide guidelines for the protection and conservation of species, habitats, and biodiversity in general, and for the conservation of renewable and non-renewable resources;  
      4. Coordinate integration of the principles and concerns of sustainable development into national development plans and policies; and 
      5. Consider the Environment Report and give appropriate directions thereon. 
    2. The Council may, either itself or on the request of any person organization, direct the Agency or any Government Agency to prepare, submit, promote or implement projects for the protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of the environment, the prevention and control of pollution, and the sustainable development of resources, or to undertake research in any specified aspect of environment.