Sustainable Development Fund

  • 9. Management of the Sustainable Development Fund:

    1) The Sustainable Development Fund shall be managed by a Board known as the Sustainable Development Fund Board consisting of;

    i. Additional Chief Secretary Planning and Development Department.


    ii. Such officers of the Government not exceeding five as the Finance and Environment Departments.



    iii. 3 non-official persons as the Government may appoint representing the chamber of Commerce and Industry, Non-Government Organizations, and major donors.



    iv. Director General of the Agency



    v. Director of the Agency




    2) In accordance with such procedure and such criteria as may be prescribed the Board shall have the power to;

    a) Sanction financial assistance for eligible projects;

    b) Invest moneys held in the Sustainable Development Fund in profit bearing Government bonds, savings schemes and securities as it may deem suitable; and

    c) Take such measures and exercise such powers as may be necessary for utilization of the Sustainable Development Fund for the purposes specified in sub-section (3) of section 8.

    3) The Board shall constitute committees of its members to undertake regular monitoring of the projects financed from the Sustainable Development Fund and to submit progress reports to the Board which shall publish an Annual report incorporating its annual audited accounts, and performance evaluation based on the progress reports.