Walk held to highlight importance of water (23-03-2019)

  • Senior government functionaries, members of civil society and schoolchildren participated in the walk.

    “Water is invaluable divine blessing. Cherish it,” read a banner, carried by the front row participants as they paraded through the main thoroughfare on Bank Square.

    Talking to mediapersons on the occasion, EPA Director General Raja Mohammad Razzaq noted that ensuring safe drinking water had become a serious challenge across the world for the policy implementers.

    He said Sustainable Development Goal 6, one of the 17sustainable development goals established by the United Nations in 2015, called for ensuring availability and sustainable management of water [and sanitation] for all people by at least 2030.

    “This means steps are required to be taken on a war footing to provide clean water world over,” he said.

    He said AJK was blessed with abundant resources of freshwater, like springs, streams, rivers and reservoirs, which needed to be protected from pollution and contamination for the good of the coming generations.

    According to him, local governments and municipalities had a greater responsibility to devise a comprehensive and viable strategy for disposal of solid and hospital waste on scientific basis and avoid dumping garbage in rivers and reservoirs.

    “The EPA volunteers itself for providing any kind of technical assistance to local government department and local councils in devising an action plan in this regard,” Mr Razzaq said.

    The EPA chief maintained that AJK premier Raja Farooq Haider was serious about safeguarding the pristine environment and freshwater resources of the state.

    It was in accordance with his perception, the EPA had recently launched a campaign against use of non-degradable shopping bags.