AJ&K – EPA Website Inauguration

  • Syed Iftikhar Ali Gillani Minister for E&S Education, Environment & MCDP GoAJ&K, inaugurated the website of AJK—EPA on 06-08-2019. http://www.epaajk.gok.pk

    Website is an essential tool for improving governance in public sector. EPA’s website will help people for having  a prompt  access to  the Environmental profile of the State and other related data

    .........Minister Environment

    2.       In a modern technological era, website is a first link between the people and the Govt. Organizations, so it must be maintained efficiently for quick public access

    ........ACS (Dev)/Secretary Environment.

    3.            Dissemination of information and creating awareness is key to effective environmental Management. Launch of website will help EPA to share information and updates in a robust manner and ensure integrated efforts of all the concerned in a coherent manner.  


    4.   EPA website provides all important frameworks and environmental outlook. As a regulator, it will help in bringing transparency in EPA’s business.            

    ............ DG EPA